Juice Recipe – Big Red

Juice Recipe – Big Red

Updated Aug 8, 2014: Reduced the beet quantity by 3 lbs and updated the yield. I also changed the recommended blade and bag.


Nutritional red juice with a ginger kick. Yields about 16-20 bottles of 16oz (500ml) bottles of juice. This juice is rather “strong,” and can be toned down by increasing the amount of apple, and reducing the beet and carrot.

This is my favorite recipe. I make a big batch of this for myself at least once or twice a week, and drink it daily. It’s filled with nutrients. I usually let it warm up to room temperature before I drink it to bring out the flavors.

Ingredients and preparation:

  • 10 lbs large carrots – Discard the stems, wash. Optionally you may peel the carrots (the juice will be sweeter).
  • 7 lbs beets – Wash thoroughly. I usually leave the greens on since that is where most of the nutrients are, but some people discard them, or buy the beetroot without greens.
  • 5 lbs red apple – Wash and remove stickers
  • 1.5 lb ginger – Wash and break into pieces about the size of an apple. If the ginger is too strong, reduce amount.
  • 6 lemons – Wash and optionally remove the rind. I usually roughly cut off the rind, but I do not worry if I miss some spots.

Goodnature X-1 grinder and press settings:

  • Grinder blade – 1/4″
  • Grinder speed – 55 Hz
  • Bag – Med weave


Combine ingredients when grinding for the best results. Press slowly, since the smaller filter size of the bag will require more time for the juice to escape. You can experiment with larger grinder blade, and larger weave press bag to speed up the process, but the yield may decrease, and the beets may clog the bag.






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